Graphic is my passion and Yvonne Strahovski my muse. Books and Music are my drugs.  My life: Harry Potter | Hunger Games | The Lord of the Ring | Divergent | Chuck | Dexter | The Tomorrow People | Narnia | Arrow | Delirium | Being Human. #more
 Idols: Jennifer Lawrence | Josh Hutcherson(my husband) | Yvonne Strahovski | Zachary Levi | Avril Lavigne | Shailene Woodley | Theo James.

I strongly believe in Joshifer, Sheo and Zachonne, I really want they to be real.

thanks: John(Green), Suzanne, Jo, Veronica♥ (my feels are not the same after your books.) and of course to the greats J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S.Lewis.
thanks Francis Lawrence for the amazing work, Catching Fire ç.ç
and 'May the odds be ever in your favour'♥

Operation Smile, Yvonne Strahovski - Zachary Levi - Vik Sahay -  Sam Jaeger .

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