Graphic is my passion and Yvonne Strahovski my muse. Books and Music are my drug.
My life: Harry Potter | Hunger Games | Shadowhunters | Percy Jackson | Eragon | Divergent | Wild Cards, soon. | Chuck | Dexter | Arrow | Being Human | Glee. #more

Idols: Yvonne Strahovski | Zachary Levi | Brandon Routh | Avril Lavigne | Jennifer Lawrence | Josh Hutcherson | Stephen Amell | Katie Cassidy | Colton Haynes | Willa Holland | Emily Rickards |

I strongly believe in Zachonne and in Joshifer, I really want they to be real.

thanks Suzanne, Jo, Rick, Cassandra, Veronica♥ (to break my hearts.)
thanks Francis Lawrence for the amazing work, Catching Fire ç.ç
and 'May the odds be ever in your favour'♥
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